WHITE ON WHITE: America Has Been Waiting

For far too . . .  too . . .  too long . . . People of Color have been trying to educate WHITE PEOPLE on the legacy, complexities and intersectionalities regarding the ideology of racism.  Such efforts often falling on deaf ears and teflon hearts because the academicians, educators, facilitators, activists happen to be African Americans, Latinas/os,  Asian, Native American, immigrant or non-Christian.  It’s been historically an ironic and exhausting weight to bear – that is – trying to define, explain, clarify, educate and reach out to WHITE PEOPLE for awareness and reflection on our communal humanity.

Such efforts often defined by WHITE FOLK as one of those “others-them” trying to blame, bash and shame WHITE PEOPLE.  Racism (overt, covert, adverse by the well intended) simply white washed – not needing prioritization – not connected to delusions of entitlement, privilege, power and control . . . or even citizenship.

We know that the soci0-cultural pathology of fear and hate does not stop with race, but comes from the same cesspool of sexism, homophobia and xenophobia.

Photo by Dan Edge on Unsplash

I have always posited that America will not turn the corner on racism until WHITE PEOPLE begin to openly and courageously take a civil literate stand against WHITE PEOPLE who radicalize and normalize the rhetoric of hate, -isms, phobias and division.

Senator Mallory McMorrow (Michigan 13th District) is one of those WHITE PEOPLE who courageously and eloquently rebuked, not only her WHITE colleague, but all WHITE PEOPLE who follow the Republican Trumpism ideology of fear and hate. 

The tone and impact of the message is critically different when the rebuke is WHITE on WHITE. America has been waiting . . .  and now turning the corner . . .