Truth Serum

Diversity and its threads are not a walk in a pastoral park with fellow citizens handing us a bouquet of flowers while walking by. Diversity and its Literacy requires leaning into the discomfort of addressing insidious and painful social pathologies. Truth Serum provides lenses by which to identify specimens of socially engendered -isms and phobias.

Truth Serum examines oppression in raw terms as it applies to the social construction and pedagogy of oppression, the social agencies that promote and foster oppression, the pathology of oppressors, the engineering of oppression by choice and design.

Oppression is man-made, constructed, marketed and brought to fruition with cataclysmic results. The numbers of human beings suffering needless trauma, cultural ruptures, obliterated identities and the loss of innocent lives is overwhelming to speculate for any of us. And as painful as it is, requires each of us to affirm our dedication that oppression will not be left unexamined on behalf of every born and unborn child.  

At a minimum, Truth Serum provides lenses by which to counter falsehoods and provides antidotes by which to resist the contamination of our founding principles as Americans and as human beings.