The Greatest Anguish: The Needlessness of It All

Is it humanly possible to ever truly empathize with another’s deep seeded sorrow and anguish? When does it become unbearable to try to explain, define or describe the depths and layers of brutal inhumanity? History is not void of its power to remind us of such ingrained agony – of open wounds still bleeding – of multigenerational and intergenerational trauma. Perhaps this is why some try desperately to erase the past, pretend that the barbarousness did not happen, deny the horror, desperately avoid any semblance of a connected ancestry.  But there is no escape, no absolution, no greater conscious sadness knowing that the cataclysmic inhumanity throughout the ages was executed – engineered by choice, by design . . . leaving generations to ponder why . . . without answers . . . then and now. And so, as humans, we are left to validate truth, remain aware and cautious so that the children of tomorrow will never have to ask questions without answers . . . of savagery caused without a cause . . . of the heritage of forebearers exterminating, enslaving, making invisible . . . needlessly.

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