The rhythm is gonna get ya!

Native Drummers pulsating skins… shaking earth beneath our feet . . .hot breath flowing through vibrating hollowed chambers… calling human hearts from four directions to gather around the fire of life. 

Native Mapuche ancestors of Latinidad… congas, quintos, tumbadoras… acorns inside a turtle’s armor… rain sticks soothing… echoes of nature… raw hands syncopating on raw skins drenching sweat of raw passion… dancing braids… buckskins in tempo celebrating oneness.

Don’t fight it because… “🎶The rhythm is gonna get ya!🎶” … let it go… 

“🎶Turn that beat around… don’t you just… love to hear percussion.🎶”

Where would we be without  🎼🎹🎶🥁🎷🎺🎻🎭  in our lives?

Imagine “🎶The day that 🎶 died!🎶” Thank God it didn’t!

We even make hoochie coochie to it! 🎶Turn off the lights and light a candle🎶… Oh yeah… “ 🎶Everybody needs a love no doubt … any love🎶 Oh Teddy and Luther we miss you so! 

Sweet, sweet 🎶 with all its genres… each one to please the most conservative, liberal and independent among us.  Don’t fret because 🎶“The Times are A-Changin”🎶

Sweet, sweet 🎶 – all inclusive – all notes supporting – promoting all languages, cultures… decolonizing… overcoming… unburdening… liberating… affirming that… 🎶We shall overcome🎶 … 🎶Step by step, bit by bit, stone by stone, brick by brick, day by day🎶 . . . drumming to the beat of justice 🎶“We shall overcome!”🎶 calling for dignified quality of life… 🎶Right down to the wire, even through the fire.”🎶

Sweet, sweet 🎶 reminders of holidays, birthdays… losses… a living diary… each song a chance to turn nostalgia into melancholy “🎶Time after Time🎶

Remember when Little Caesar and the Romans echoed? “🎶 Those oldies but goodies remind me of you🎶.” they still do… with The Spinners, The Chi-Lites and Delfonics softly whispering . . . 🎶Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time . . . Didn’t I?”🎶 . . . 🎶 “Don’t Worry Baby”🎶. . . everything gonna be alright.

🎶 is such a charming ‘pícaro’… inviting us to risk humiliation and rejection with our 1st unconventional dance in public… sweat glands on overdrive . . . one homo sapien hesitating to ask with timid reservation…  One homo sapien waiting to be asked with timid anticipation…

But the sweet nectar of 🎶 moves voice to nervously ask… to nervously accept… now time stands still for both… “🎶Slow dancin’ 🎶 Swaying to the music🎶”… 4 arms and legs trying to coordinate tempo… the first piaffe – all in slow motion… skin on skin… hearts fluttering… “🎶While My Guitar Gently Weeps🎶”

Sweet, sweet 🎶… Surely celestial entities must have concluded . . . “We must provide these humans with an ever present respite from their imperfect human condition! Let’s give them the language of the angels… the gift of 🎶 so they may choose to sing together – and perhaps even figure out how to harmonize!” 

🎶Well it goes like this: The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift. The baffled king composing Hallelujah🎶” 

Journey on musicians, composers, arrangers, producers, technicians, conductors – dear precious esteemed holy music teachers. Journey on sopranos, altos, tenors, baritones and the mezzos in-betweeners…

Dazzle us 🎶 with your hotter that hot salsa, passionate tango and line dances . . . move us in ways only you can . . . with grace and eloquence . . .

Take us to that🎶”Boogie Wonderland”🎶. . .

Dance to it with every bone and muscle 🎶🕺🏻💃🏻🎶…  even though some may not hear your song . . .  ” play it loud, baby play it loud  …  Play it loud, baby play it loud  … Rock the crowd, baby rock the crowd And play it loud, baby play it loud 🎶”

🎶Oh no! I’ve said too much… I haven’t said enough.”

Native Drummers…  🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶  …  🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 … calling all to join hands and dance around the fire of life. 

“🎶Don’t stop believin’ … hold on🎶”

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