Life Long Learning

Education is a highly complex process beginning with our first breath on earth. From that day forward, education becomes a life long journey with a thirst to learn about the wonders of our universe and the human condition. The symbiotic relationship between teacher<>student – teaching<>learning is fundamentally at the core of how humans discover and pursue humanness.

The learning process is life-long. We never stop learning. Learning provides opportunities to discover what was thought to be impossible, creates awareness, introduces new skills, provides experiences and sentiments never felt before leading to emotional intelligence, moral courage, introspection, personal growth and change.

Life-long-learning plays a significant role in all aspects of Diversity Literacy. Education and its processes allow opportunities to develop metacognitive awareness of ourselves and others. But education alone does not guarantee civic responsibility nor the pursuit of the truth. That responsibility rests squarely on our shoulders on a daily basis as a life long journey.

Family, schooling and society are instrumental in establishing a social curriculum that shapes beliefs, attitudes and predispositions. That curriculum can lead negatively to self-oppression by denying and refuting life-long-learning or it can create lenses and processes by which to view and experience the liberating forces of knowledge.

The option to live as a life-long-learner by choice and design can enhance the quality of life, provide views of the world and its inhabitants that are not static, exclusive, and narrow but dynamic, inclusive and multi-dimensional. Learning is always there, from first to last breath as an option to life-long-growth… life-long-change.