In Their Voices

This section is dedicated to all voices echoing through the oral tradition – powerful counterstories honoring ancestors, mentoring the young, empowering future generations with resiliency and hope. Honoring and validating voices of all ages, colors, cloths and skins – labels dissolving – immigrants relentlessly caravanning – a child crossing a border separated – now united. Voices of the campesino, the nanny, the dreamer, the author, the poet, the artist, the scholar, the academic researcher, the non-profit selfless mentor… coming together in this space… mano-a-mano… in a circle of advocacy… all threads creating a braid glistening in the sun, dancing to the drums of freedom, calling all to join with urgency – without fear chanting, believing around the fire of humanity.

Carolyn Lunsford Mears, PhD

Jorge L. Chinea

Joy Harjo – Poetry

Martin Espada – Poetry

Parker J. Palmer

Adam Collins