“Happy New Year!”: A tired lazy wish

As the clock stuck 12:01 on January 1, 2022, the phone lit up with wishes of, “Happy New Year!” For the first time, while grateful, I felt the words lacked substance and meaning. They felt tired, lazy, lacking life.
Damn it, we are living through Covid 19 and Republican Trumpism viruses and all you can wish for is “be happy!?” No, no, no we need to do better, much better!
Thus, I propose that we wish each other three basic sentiments with authenticity, meaning and motivation. Therefore, to each and everyone,

“I wish that in 2022 we remain in good health, human and sane!”

Yes, its a little long, but isn’t the person receiving the sentiment worth more than three words? Yes, I included myself in the wish. Hope you don’t mind as good will is a collaborative and mutual effort.
By the way, don’t wait until Hallmark reminds to reach out to someone via a text, call, card, email, FaceTime, zoom . . . make the time to voice your feelings to someone who made a difference over years. Don’t wait until 12:01, January 1, 2023 . . . as the song goes, “If your heart is in them flowers, bring ’em on.”