Game of Thrones and Throngs ~ When Fantasy Mirrors Reality

Game of Thrones provided us with a plethora of fantasy and its nuances to reality. So much social-cultural-political chatter about characters and plot lines reflecting our daily lives.

Apologies to those who are not aficionados/as of GoT as you may have missed out on the mega-irony…  but such is life… filled with choices determining what is real… or not… what to believe… or not… ultimately who to believe… or not.

So let’s jump into GoT when fantasy projected reality. Get the popcorn ready.

Remember Petyr Baelish – otherwise known as “Littlefingers”? A despicable personification of evilness void of conscience and decency… a misogynistic narcissist always trying to manipulate, deceive and divide. A shameless pathological liar with a delusional mania for absolute power and control… a charlatan always making empty promises leaving barren earth and ashes behind. Remind you of anyone?

Baelish was the master of deceit… always promoting fear, hate, self-interest and contrived unilateral righteousness. He only had one core value – to accrue personal power and control dedicated to personal profit of gold, silver and half-pennies. Remind you of anyone?

He demanded blind loyalty… a prerequisite for his followers rather than allowing homage and respect to be earned. Ignorance was promoted as bliss… critical questions and answers avoided…  reality denied… personal responsibility deflected… apologies never uttered… inquiry and transparency declared enemies. Remind you of anyone?

“Littlefingers” was always accused of being the master of chaos… to which he proudly replied… “Chaos is a ladder!” … only to find on the last rung of the ladder two young sisters empowered by courage and the truth waiting to snip his little fingers… one by one.

So many of us cheered during that episode… exhaustedly and collectively exhaling!  We hooted as Littlefingers was finally entangled by his own lies. We watched the coward sniffling… disrobed… squirming on his knees begging for mercy… as cowards tend to do.

Across the land we could hear empowered villagers exhale… “Ah sweet, sweet justice!” Episode after episode, after episode we witnessed Littlefingers getting away with criminality – walking away without consequences. Finally! We could celebrate vindication. No one above the law!

But unfortunately, for some of his followers, it was a stark revelation that they had been used and duped – prodded by Littlefingers to exist with muffled ears and eyes wide shut… nevertheless… justice would prevail for ALL – it always does… resiliency and hope cleansing the toxic stench of deceit and vileness.

You say that you wish that fantasy could turn into reality in 2023. It’s coming, Justice is not an event but a life-long process – a glacier ever moving forward – without noticing its powerful momentum towards the open sea.

Be heartened… for a blindfolded maiden holding scales in one hand and a sword made of dragon glass in the other beckons all villagers to take notice… a reminder to sisters and brothers to empower each other and wave the banners of conscientious citizenship as one.

Join them as they gather in throngs… caravanning without fear, hate or bitterness… with “Drangonglass” in hand… willing to sacrifice in pursuit of decency and quality of life for all.

So you ask, “Where to find Dragonglass?” It’s as simple as going to the village to cast a vote as all citizens have a right to a piece of the magical cutlass.

Regardless of the mazes, fences and walls – and yes – the LIttlefingers of the world – show up – in scorching sun, rain, wind and/or ice – face the ghostly “White Walkers” eye to eye – leap into the storm with the “song of democracy, inclusivity, equity, justice and freedom.”  

Ah sweet, sweet vindication… ah sweet, sweet justice… without reprisals or revenge for lifeless zombies… but rather inviting – including – embracing without contrived fear and hate… villagers with children on their shoulders caravanning together … no longer in fantasy but reality…

Get the popcorn ready… November 2024… it’s coming!

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