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The Ugly American – Part I of III
America’s Tug of War – Part II of III
America’s Tug of Peace – Part III of III

Critical Citizenry In The 21st Century

Essence of Citizenship

“¡Dólares cuestan dolores!”

“América es un país sin alma”

Rural, Urban, Suburban Peepholes

Sirens Calling

Social Cataracts

Cesspool of Fear and Hate
Self-Induced Vileness


Observing Diversity – Part I of II
Living with Diversity – Part II of II

Immigrants Making It

Diversity Literacy Model

Criticality – Part I
Thinking Critically – Part II
Knowledge Cauterized – Part III
Critical Consciousness – Part IV

Deconstructing -Isms and Phobias

Life-Long Learning

Never Too Early

The Art of Teaching and Learning

The Insurmountable Wall

“Hey Diddle, Diddle!”

Looking Into Their Eyes

Being Educated


The Courage to Teach

Neutrality in Education – Part I of III
The Floodgates Opened – Part II of III
All Know the Answer – Part III of III

In Their Voices

Maldita ~ Bendita

Mother Earth

What it Means to be White – Part I of II
The First Question to Ask – Part II of II

“They lied to us!”

Voices of Columbine – Part I of II
Excerpts from the “Columbine Mosaic” – Part II of II

¡Qué inteligente es mi mamá!

Cuando en puro inglés . . . trago tierra

Si Fueran Tuyos

Life and Literacy

Trenzas: Weaving a Tapestry of Diasporic LatinX Self-Affirmation

A Ritual to Read to Each Other

Aboriginal Ritual Chant

Fear… “I Give You Back…”

Imagine the Angels of Bread

La Mirada ~ The Look

Trenzas ~ “¡Yo soy!”

Trenza’s Counterstories


Letting go…

The World on Fire

Deconstructing the Golden Rule

Game of Thrones and Throngs

Music’s Wonders

The Arts


The Promise of Tomorrow

Truth Serum

The Shape of Diversity

Defeating Racism and Domestic Terrorism

Trumpism Choices: Regrets and Consequences

Are You a Racist if You Voted for One?

Raw Honesty

The Ballot of November 3, 2020

“Back to Normal Soon – Big Time!”
Denormalizing Our Future

Confronting Inherent Inherited Racism

On Both Knees

Detrás Alambre Cruzado Behind Crossed Wire

White America!

America’s Essential Workers

Surviving the Coronavirus at Home

DISCOURSE with Mutual Respect, Dignity and Integrity

Gaslighting America – Part I of III
Gaslighting – Part II of III
A Light that Shines for All – Part III of III

“Low Information Voters and National Populism”

Trumpism – Part I of II
Republicanism in 2020 – Part II of II


Diverse Athletic-Scholars and Coaches – Part I of II
Athletes as Patriots – Part II of II

Separátocide – Part I
Separátocide – Part II

The Shape of Diversity

Diversity Literacy’s Painful Discourse

“America! … Ain’t You Tired!?”

Diversity’s Braid

Inclusive Programming

White Ties That Bind – Part I of VI
White Privilege – Part II of VI
White Knapsack – Part III of VI
White Dominance – Part IV of VI
White Aversive Racism – Part V of VI
White Loss – Part VI of VI

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