Each One as Us

colorful painting
Photo by Steve Johnson (Pexels)

Gaia calling each one as us ~
Galaxies to earth and all in-between ~

Rural, urban, suburban child awakes ~
An awe each one to be ~

Pigmented shades of us ~
Tonal ranges of burnt sienna of ivory black ~

A rainbowed pallet of primal cries ~
Unleashed to be free as one ~

Frail innocence each one as one ~
Heart eyes reach out to us ~

Dependent trust to shape ~
To live in truth to be ~

Each life born in us ~
Humbling humanness as one ~

A daunting dread that one is left behind ~
That flesh so young relents to splintered slugs ~

Deafened screams in us for WHAT?! – for WHY?! ~
Mortified! Tormented! Forewarn each one of tarnished shields! ~

An urgent call for each to pause ~
To see the depths within ~ to look beyond ~

To not forget the lest that yearns ~
To live enhancing us ~

No flag to wave, hymn to sing, knee to bend ~
Ponder choices . . . reflect dear one ~ 

A smile recalling ancestry ~ 
A tear in memory of loss ~ 

Boundless rage of needless grief ~
Lingering angst for wounded souls ~

Exhale dear one ~
Summon strength and valiantness  ~

Seek to love us~
Empower us ~ 

Resiliency beyond measure ~ 
Beyond self each one as us ~ 

By Jorge Dante Hernández Prósperi 2021