Does Adolf Hitler remind you of anyone? Do you dare to scream the name out loud?

It is a human tendency to be watching or listening to someone and think that the person reminds us of someone else by way of their language, tone of voice, mannerisms, attitudes, intentions and/or beliefs. We can’t help ourselves from making such comparisons.

Throughout our lives we are bombarded with and store information by way of a social-cultural-political curriculum that provides history, language, impressions, examples, models, content and context. Regardless of the number of years we spend in formal education, all of us are capable of making comparisons and make them daily.

So how do comparisons happen and why can’t we help making them? First of all and most importantly, we compare because we are human beings with a highly complex brain with the dynamic ability and capacity to make connections.

We can’t help identifying, describing, analyzing, evaluating, contrasting and comparing. We do this consciously and unconsciously. What is undeniable is that we tend to compare when obvious similarities occur. In other words, we compare when our brain stacks an image or a model of one person over another.

So who would you compare Adolf Hitler to in the 21st Century in America? Who does he remind you of given similar traits, attitude, language, demeanor, psychology and personal legacy? What did Adolf Hitler stand for and who does his image and model stack on top of?

Adolf Hitler Traits, Personality, Attitudes, Character and Psychosis

  • Adolf Hitler was a malignant narcissistic sociopath, a psychopath, a megalomaniac, without a conscience, lusting for power, totally immune from institutional norms, rule of law and a constitution.
  • Adolf Hitler required blind loyalty, unswerving obedience, subordination of the individual to the state, without exception regardless of whether Hitler’s decisions would results in crimes against humanity.
  • Adolf Hitler reveled in producing rallies to promote Nazi propaganda, conveying a unified and strong Nazi political party.
  • Adolf Hitler used threats and fear against his opponents changing the perception of violence in the population from repulsive to violence being normalized, necessary and morally righteous.
  • Adolf Hitler used language formulating a contrived constructed narrative to radicalize his followers knowing what his followers wanted to hear – stoking hate, stereotypes, xenophobia, racism, homophobia, contempt for certain ethic and religious groups.
  • Adolf Hitler maintained his power through coercion, propaganda manipulation, control of the media, and promoting an image of omnipotence, with the right to use whatever means necessary to acquire power and its control.
  • Adolf Hitler believed and preached the doctrine of Eugenics, Race Science or Master Race associated with White Supremacy. This ideology led to systemic discrimination, forced separation of family members, forced separation of children from their parents and ultimately the genocide of Jews in Europe.
  • Adolf Hitler authorized the killing (“euthanasia”) of the impaired, people with special needs and disabilities.
  • Adolf Hitler authorized the burning of books blacklisted as the “end of an era of extreme jewish intellectualism.”
  • Adolf Hitler led a Nazi Party that did not promote but obstructed Democracy and encouraged an autocracy.
  • Adolf Hitler was a master of manipulating misinformation, counterfeit news, misleading information, creating false depictions of ethic groups, falsification of content and context, fabricating verifiable facts, sources and quotes.
  • Adolf Hitler used the gross distortion of the truth by creating a propaganda technique and expression known as “the big lie.” The strategy was to create a “big lie” that would be high-volume, multichannel, rapid, continuous, absent of objective reality, lacking pursuit of the truth, repeated ad nauseam, as a truism never allowing the “lie” to cool off among the media and by never admitting fault, conceding to alternatives or accepting blame.
    The “big lie” would be described as the “firehouse of falsehood” used to blame others, falsely claiming to have quick solutions regardless of the complexities of social-cultural-political global issues and problems. Adolf Hitler touted himself as the only leader to have the solutions.

Psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists and historians have written countless books and produced documentaries on Adolf Hitler. Enough that, regardless of our educational history, we know that Adolf Hitler was a flawed and damaged human being that some would argue should have never been born. Evil Incarnate is a term often associated with Hitler’s persona.

Therefore, to the critical question asked in the title of this treatise – does Adolf Hitler remind you of anyone living in the United State of America in the 21st century? Perhaps a family member, an acquaintance, a co-worker, . . . a politician?

Please, don’t be shy, reserved, somewhat fearful of making that comparison that is slowly making its way to the brain with or without permission and acknowledgment.

We know the name, we know the names of the enablers, we know the attitudes of the followers, we know the cable news channel that provides a safe harbor for the insidiousness and TV anchors that hold their noses and look the other way in shameful disgrace.

We know and see the comparison in living color . . . but not quite with that “snot brake” mustache.

The new Hitler wannabe has a caked-cosmetic face, carrot juice dyed hair, lips forming a rectal opening ready to spew middle school recess jabber . . . and always walking as if he were the anointed emperor . . . but totally disgustingly naked to most eyes not wide shut.

We have been making the comparison for quite some time . . . unavoidably . . . history has been doing it for us.

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