Diversity Literacy Galaxy Model

A methodical study of Diversity would require at least several lifetimes in order to delve into its history, content, contexts and genres. Throughout the ages, Diversity has been examined by countless academicians, scholars, scientists, anthropologists, social scientists and historians. Each field probing and dissecting definitions and meanings – and yet – to most of us, it remains an enigma. The Diversity Literacy Galaxy Model is a humble attempt to extend the conversation on Diversity and remains a work in progress.

Conversations on Diversity remain provocative, uncomfortable and exasperating. At times deciding to not engage or walk away from the dialog frustrated without a sense of compromise and understanding.

Hopefully, Diversity-Threads.com and the Diversity Literacy Galaxy Model provides confidence to enter the challenging space of civil discourse on Diversity by providing knowledge, language, references and context. Ignorance, on any level, limits awareness and understanding. It blocks opportunities for significant introspection, personal growth and change. 

Diversity is depicted in the model as a galaxy because of the immense dimensions of the universe, with galaxies, planets and moons connected, dependent and changing. 

Likewise, humanity and the human condition is as highly complex, multifaceted, multi-dependent, diverse and is constantly changing.

The model is divided into 5 sections in order to provide a sense of the depth and breadth of Diversity’s magnitude – of its complexity – of the connected and intersecting threads and layers.  

The major elements and influences are:

  1. Social-Cultural Identifiers from the “ID Entity” Perspective
  2. Knowledge Bases and Lenses – Validity and Credibility
  3. Socializing Agencies – Social Curricula
  4. Metanarratives
  5. Social Constructs, Concepts, Ideologies, Phobias, Isms

You are invited to journey to each one of the galaxies and planets orbiting Diversity and its Literacy.