Defeating Racism and Domestic Terrorism

Every Citizen’s Life-Long Advocacy

By Jorge Dante Hernandez Prosperi

For far too long – since the birth of our republic, we have separated Racism from Domestic Terrorism by choice and design. Both realities denied – too painful to admit, too revealing to study and too political to legislate.

We have looked the other way while Domestic Terrorism continued to fester, promulgating and defending it.  The reason is because domestic terrorists are an historical socio-cultural constituency, a political base, and since 2016 a resurrected voting block for Trumpism. 

Domestic Terrorism must be treated with the same growing awareness, focus and resistance as the COVID-19 virus because racism and Domestic Terrorism are also viruses that kill. Therefore, we must declare Domestic Terrorism a national threat to national security and an enemy of Democracy and citizenship. 

The laws implemented against Domestic Terrorism must be federal statutes governing all 50 states without exception. The stark reason being that there are too many disciples of racism in too many legislative houses that protect Domestic Terrorists by blocking legislation against it. Such legislators are willing to trade lives for votes – to maintain power and control.

We know the names, locations, ideology and movements of each of the Domestic Terrorist organizations, clans and cults per county, per zip code, per state. The Southern Poverty Law Center and FBI have documented its history and Intel. It is not a secret that they exist, how they recruit and how they have become media savvy. The garb differs in 2021 from the hooded – “good old boys and gals” of the past 401 years. But the hatred is the same.

It is also not a secret that domestic terrorists have connections with some of the most influential local, state and national politicians. It is not a secret that one of their main strategies is to threaten and intimidate creating chaos, fear and hate – but logistically domestic terrorists remain outside the law. Why and how? Because they have always had cover by local, state, national politicians and conservative right wing media – not to mention the NRA and gun lobbyists.

This is why the Biden-Harris Administration, the Cabinet, Congress and the Senate must unite and legislate laws specifically targeting Domestic Terrorism and Domestic Terrorists.

The “War on Terrorism” must define, characterize and identify Domestic Terrorists the same as Foreign Terrorists. One fact that has emerged is that Domestic Terrorists are now better armed than Foreign Terrorists and some groups outgunning Police Departments. 

Lest we forget: April 19, 1995 – Oklahoma City bombing by Domestic Terrorists – 168 American Citizens murdered – 800 injured – perpetrated by Domestic Terrorists – Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.  McVeigh born in Lockport, NY. Nichols born in Lapeer, MI.  Dylan Roof, born in Columbia, SC – White supremacist, Neo-Nazi murdered 9 Americans and injured 1. The list goes on and on. Notice place of birth? Lockport, NY – Lapeer, MI – Columbia, SC. Not Venezuela, Syria or Iran. No need to build walls when the terrorists are home grown, nurtured and mentored.

There are countless names of groups and examples of domestic terrorists, their pathological manifestos-ideologies, and the names of American Citizens murdered in cold blood as part of our nation’s documented history.

Are there answers to this national problem? YES!

  1. Within the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris Administration, anti Domestic Terrorism laws / legislation should be signed. This means providing national research and transparency on Domestic Terrorists. Investigations must be ongoing rooting out, not only terrorists, but those who financially and politically support such groups, who become accessories and complicit in Domestic Terrorist crimes. To provide support to Foreign Terrorists is considered treasonous. The same should apply to all abetting Domestic Terrorism.
  2. Public education should require students to study the fundamental tenets and history of Racism and its ties to Domestic Terrorism. This would involve going far beyond Civic classes. Such ongoing teaching and learning should be part and parcel of pre-school through college curriculum mapping and across all subjects. The teaching and learning must become a process rather than an isolated one day token conference or workshop on Multiculturalism, exotic foods, dances and songs . Racism is part of a socio-cultural-political construct, pathology and process that takes place over many years of development. So must be the forces against it – from childhood to adulthood – a life-long advocacy and learning curve.
  3. Parent(s) should begin teaching the impact of hate language, the history of racism, its language, context and content at the youngest of ages. A family’s racist ancestry, attitudes and predispositions toward others should be openly discussed and explained. Of course, parent(s) must address their own learning first as they will not be able to teach what they don’t know.  
  4. Parent(s) and schools should collaborate on anti-racist and anti-Domestic Terrorism programs establishing community expos and providing resources.
  5. A major anti-racism / anti Domestic Terrorism pro-active step is to vote current racists out of political office. Voters should scrutinize local, state and national candidates who have associations with Domestic Terrorists and guard against such individuals becoming candidates.
  6. Racists and Domestic Terrorists must be put back on their heels continuously looking over their shoulders hampering their ability to organize, function and perform heinous crimes. They must be identified as enemies of the Republic of the United States and pursued as such, with due process prosecuted and if judged to be guilty convicted and incarcerated.
  7. National research on Domestic Terrorism and terrorists must be made public. Employers, police departments, legislators, school districts, corporations, businesses, military recruiters, and Wall Street should have access to such public information. Domestic Terrorists should be treated the same as pedophiles and wanted criminals.
  8. National research on Domestic Terrorists should be made available to parents, school districts and colleges as to strategies being used by Domestic Terrorist cells and hate groups to recruit young students. Parent(s) should remain alert regarding their children’s acquaintances and media contacts associated with hate groups. Domestic Terrorists radicalize using all available media tools, hate literature, Fazist manifestos, Punk Nazi music and revising history.
  9. CEOs, Board of Directors, Cable and Radio Stations, Religious Organizations, Businesses that support and/or are associated with Domestic Terrorists should be boycotted. Every financial institution listens when the profit margin begins to drop. 
  10. Every public and private institution dealing with the public should have a Standing Anti-Racism / Anti Domestic Terrorism Committee with access to FBI research, communication and transparency.

Domestic Terrorists deplore exposure and plot in the shadows. They seek media outlets and social media platforms that allow venomous rhetoric and conspiracy theories. They excellent at mob intimidating tactics and use feeble state gun laws to their advantage. Domestic Terrorists and their political allies know how to lobby, market, spin, organize, intimidate and stoke fear. They are stellar students of Nazism.

It is time that America stop coddling, excusing and providing cover for Domestic Terrorism. It is time that Racism is seen as one of the core principles of Domestic Terrorism and therefore anti Democracy.  It is time that America see Racism for what it is – a socio-cultural-political disease that infects, weakens, corrupts and kills. 

COVID-19 is teaching us that it will take a united concentrated collaborative effort to deal with its horrific proliferation. The same sacrifices, motivations, advocacies and courage will be needed to defeat Domestic Terrorism. We can’t wear a mask to defend against it and unfortunately racism’s deadly droplets will continue to be part of our environment. But our vote can become a vaccine.

We inoculated America on November 3, 2020 from Trumpism. But we know that the roots of hate, division, fear and Domestic Racism/Terrorism run deep. We saw it in action on January 6, 2021.

Those seeds were planted some 401 years ago and continue to sprout. We must remain vigilant, cautious and motivated to identify Domestic Terrorism in all of its subtleties and mutations. 

Please spare us the whines and screams of stepping on your constitutional rights. You are unconstitutional traitors!

Send your white grievances, along with hypocritical thoughts and prayers your supporters love to tweet to the families of innocent victims whose lives were changed forever. Damn shame on each of you – you disgust and insult human decency.

Each citizen should begin addressing the horrific realities of Domestic Terrorism by first acknowledging its existence, its savagery and resist – fight against its continuum and above all else, demand federal legislation and laws against it.

Remember that the most powerful enemies of Domestic Terrorism and Racism are our Democracy and our VOTE.