Diversity Literacy Model

Developed by Jorge D. H. Prósperi and Nancy Gage, 2019

A methodical study of Diversity would require at least several lifetimes in order to seriously dwell on its complex genres. Throughout the ages Diversity has been examined by countless academicians, scholars, scientists and historians. Each field probing for meaning. Diversity-Threads.com is a humble endeavor to create insight, alternate perspectives, as well as enhance and extend the conversation on the subject matter. Ultimately, the website’s mission is to provide knowledge – literacy regarding past and current elements of Diversity that exponentially continue to morph.

The model presents at its center a globe with four planets that are ever circling. Epistemology, Social Constructs, Socializing Agencies/Social Curriculum, and Metanarratives. While they circle individually, they continually intersect and impact each other.

Critical Thinking, Critical Pedagogy, Critical Theories and Critical Research Methods surround the globe as lenses used to discern the acuity of the planets and globe.

Diversity-Threads.com focuses on Diversity Literacy as it applies to the critical examination of Social Constructs [Oppressive Traumatic Behaviors, Practices, Ideologies, Theories, -Isms, Phobias] and the Socializing Agencies/Social Curriculum of power that design and maintain oppression thereby suppressing the tenets of justice, democracy, rights, equity and quality of life.

Diversity-Threads.com examines Metanarratives – grand teleological accounts/narratives that seek to explain the world and its inhabitants within the compass of one overarching grand legitimating story.  One feature is its abstraction from time, place, and culture. Metanarratives can become penetrating historical-socio-cultural accounts [stories] that become inherent, embedded and marketed as national truisms influencing dispositions, thinking, attitudes, and behavior. They legitimize and normalize perceptions of the truth, rules, laws and outcomes. They create illusions of truisms and heroes of the illusion, particularly when said to be substantiated by the powers of science to prove inferiority, historical revisionism and educational, political and/or religious ideologies created to obstruct and/or oppress democracy, justice, equity and quality of life.

Sincere gratitude to Nancy Gage, the Graphic Designer of Diversity-Threads.com, for patiently listening, interpreting and developing the comprehensive image of the model.


Epistemology: Nature of knowledge/Theories of knowledge; Critical Thinking, Critical Pedagogy, Critical Research Methods

Socializing Agencies and Social Curricula: Arts, Athletic, Community, Education, Family, Happenstance, Internet, Media, Neighborhood, Peer Groups, Political Affiliation, Professions, Professional Affiliation(s), Religion/Spirituality, Social Media, Technology, Workplace

Metanarratives: Alternative Facts, Banana Republic, Bell Curve, Binet-Simon Intelligence Test, Blumenbach Caucasus Mountain Theory, Caucasian, Colonialism, Color Blindness, Cultural Ethical Relativism, Deficit Paradigms, Dillingham Commission, Eugenics, Globalization, Historical Determinism, Linnaeus [Americanus, Europaeus, Asiaticus, Afer], Manifest Destiny, Master Race, Melting Pot Theory, Meritocracy, Jim Crow Laws, No Child Left Behind, Paternal Slavery Doctrine, Pro-Slavery Arguments, Science of Race, Survival of the Fittest, Terra Nullius, Three-Fifth Compromise, Westward/Southern Expansions, White Men’s Burden

Social Constructs [Oppressive Behaviors, Practices, Ideologies, Theories, Traumas (acute, chronic, or complex) -Isms and Phobias]: Admission Unethical Practices, Ageism, Anti-Semitism, Apartheid, Arranged/Forced Marriages, Authoritarianism, Biases, Bigotry, Birtherism (Birthism), Boys Will Be Boys, Chauvinism, Child Abuse, Child Marriage, Child Slavery, Colonialism, Confirmation Bias, Conspiracy Theories, Demagoguery, Despotism, Discrimination, Doctrine of Discovery, Domestic Slavery, Domestic Terrorism, Domestic Violence, Dysgenics, Eugenics, Fascism, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Gaslighting, Genocide, Good Old Boy’s Club, Hegemony, Hidden History, Historical [Negationism, Revisionism, Denialism], Holocaust, Homophobia, Human Trafficking, Imperialism, Incest, Identity Politics, Indentured Servitude, Intellectual Inferiority Theory, Intra-generational Trauma, Intergenerational Trauma, Internal Colonialism, Islamophobia, Jingoism, Legal Lynching, Lookism, Lynching, Machoism, Mein Kampf, Middle Passage, Misandry, Misogyny, Multigenerational Trauma, Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma, Nationalsozialismus, Narcism, Nazism, Nepotism, Pathological Lying (The Big Lie), Patriarchy, Plantation Schools, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), Predispositions, Prejudice, Profiling, Psychological Inferiority Theory, Racism (Overt, Covert, Aversive, Systemic, Institutional), Rape, Relocations, Scapegoating, Scientific Racism, Separátocide, Sexism, Sexual Assault, Sexual Coercion, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Slave Ships, Slavery, Social Death, Soul Wounds, Stereotyping, Survivor Syndrome, Terra Nullius, Terrorism, Totalitarianism, Transphobia, Unmarked Slave Graves, Wakiksuyapi (Lakota), Wedge Issues, White Entitlement, White Nationalism, White Loss, White Privilege, White Slavery, White Supremacy, Xenophobia