Corporations and Job Seekers reject Republican Trumpism

Photo credit: Steve Johnson (unsplash)

Veracity, authenticity, credibility and trust is alive and well in America! “When, a job search platform, surveyed 25,000 workers asking what top qualities job seekers were looking for in their next job, the number one answer was diversity and inclusion along with transparency, respect,  meaningful work, recognition and reward for a job well done.” – The Feldman Report WWJ Radio, January 6, 2022

Republican Trumpism is the antithesis of what 21st Century corporations, schools and societies are experiencing and focused upon. That is – the future looking forward working toward a quality of life that is shared continuing to define and authenticate truth, logic, reason, wisdom, emotional intelligence, moral courage, common sense, mutual respect, collaboration, consensus, compromise, opportunities of worth – all core values of a Democracy – of human beings – that happen to be workers, consumers and citizens.

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