I’ve been calling myself a Visual Storyteller long before the term took hold. I enjoy taking an idea or concept and giving it a visual, rather than textual meaning. Working for many years as a freelance designer developed my critical thinking skills – whether the need was to strategize a campaign or execute a vision – I apply my skills and knowledge of design to creating and producing visual solutions through many levels of client needs.

I am an accomplished illustrator, photographer and painter working in traditional media and exploration of technology as it morphs in the 21st Century. I am inquisitive by nature and always looking to expand my personal experience. My father instructed me during my initial experiments with camera, “…ensure you frame the object as you wish to remember it.”

Beginning in 2005, I had the opportunity to work with Jorge on the beginning stages of the Critical Lens model. The need to visualize the structure spoke to my own personal beliefs and opened my eyes to my own biases. As a designer and child of the late 60s, I recognized the need in society for the work that Jorge was developing. I feel honored to be an active participant in this journey.

My portfolio can be accessed at: coroflot.com/n-gage