“Citizens of the World!” – “Remain Awake in the 21st Century!”

It is excruciatingly painful to realize that despotic “Strong Men” around the world and their enablers continue to live in the 20th century.

James Ferguson Financial Times

Two major examples are the insurrection attempt by Republican Trumpism on Washington DC and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.  Both are major attempts by draconian “Strong Men” meant to destroy Democracy by brutal force. The Washington insurgency is America’s wake-up call that Autocracy and Totalitarianism are not just words defined in the past tense. 

Author Ruth Ben-Ghait 2020 W. W. Norton & company, Inc.
Author Timothy Snyder 2017 TIM DUGGAN BOOKS – Penguin Random House LLC.

With the invasion of Ukraine, the world is now soberly awake to the fact that narcissistic “Strong Men” living in the 20th century, continue to capriciously and tyrannically open Pandora’s Box of evilness for absolute control of political power, delusions of grandeur and financial aggrandizement.

Both attacks were grave miscalculations causing “needless suffering” – a trademark of fascism – always leaving ashes behind. This has been history’s lesson all along – unfortunately not learned, heeded nor respected.  

Yet again . . . this is why EACH VOTE MATTERS beyond low gas prices, inflation, tax breaks, Wall Street and easy access to purchase AR-15 rifles with a 60 round magazines. 
We must be better than living a self-serving existence where “You’re not the boss of me!” and “Don’t tread on me!” negates civility, decency, rights of others, tolerance and compassion. 

EACH VOTE MATTERS – be it for school board member, police chief, attorney general, mayor . . . each local, state and federal position and agency matters . . . because the quality of life of all children matters . . . the rule of law matters . . .  social justice matters . . . awareness and respect for the human condition matters . . .  citizenship beyond self matters . . . truth and credibility matter . . . the principles of Democracy matter.

Regardless of contrived political obstructions . . . crawl through barbed wire if need be . . .  but VOTE . . . in the 21st century.

Each Vote Matters