America’s Tug of War – Part II of III

Light and Shadow

By Jorge D. H. Prosperi 2019

“Light and shadow are opposite sides of the same coin.
We can illuminate our path or darken our way.
It is a matter of choice.” –Maya Angelou


The 21st Century Ugly American no longer wears polyester attire of the 1960s but struts through Washington’s Capital Statuary Hall in Stuart Hughes suits, Testoni shoes, $900 voguish haircuts with manicure and massage included. These imposters could care less about founding sentiments of “. . . government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

These new breed of Ugly Americans have attache themselves to Republican Trumpism, rediscovering and retooling what has always worked for such political hacks – fear, hate, division, racism, and sexism.

The 21st Century Ugly American political double-dealers prey on specific zip codes that have been ignored and feel isolated having lost their regional identity and the capital of pigmentation.

These political swindlers promise that they will return the country – be their savior – move back the clock. These connivers convince folks that they shop at Farmer Supply Stores and Walmarts. Sorry – these folks prefer sushi, caviar and Kobe beef.

The closest they will ever come to driving a Ford Jubilee tractor is a golf cart. These 1 percenters don’t muck cow stalls or plow fields but are experts at making Washington dung available for consumption preaching that their privileged entitled feces don’t stink.

The Make America Oppressed, Chaotic and Divided Again” campaign did not start in 2015 . It was always present. We know the strategies well.

*Obstruct, obstruct and obstruct then blame Washington for being broken.
*Reinforce gerrymandered districts at local-state level. *Suppress and limit voting opportunities.
*Redefine “patriotism – Foster White Nationalism, Nativism, America First and Religious Righteousness rhetoric. Label those who disagree as unAmerican and non-patriotic.
*Embrace, affirm and repeat “confirmation bias” with daily contrived talking points.
*Revitalize 1930s scare tactics blaming socio-cultural-political-financial dysfunctions on others and difference”.
*Define and label immigrants as criminals, gangs and infested caravaners.
*Suppress investigative reporting and news media calling it “fake news”
*Make outlandish promises – say whatever the infamous “base” wants to hear – counter reason, logic, common sense and critical thinking with “big lies” repeat them often and louder
*Deplete – divert coffers from public education, health care, non-profits and unions.
*Create and market a “Great White Hope” regardless of immoral and unethical flaws.
*Hide dark PAC money (Political Action Committees) – (Citizens United). Accept money from industries, businesses (small and large), lobby politicians representing gun, coal, oil, gas, fracking, Wall Street). Focus and promise to overturn environmental restrictions and consumer protections. Bottom line – manipulate votes at all cost
*Create fear in candidates and elected officials that the “base” will punish those who dare to voice opposition. Require blind loyalty and obstruct all legislation – disregard rule of law – obstruct investigations.
*Keep women in their natural token state of being – in the kitchen, pregnant and submissive – view feminism as anti-family and marriage. Domestic violence is but a hoax made up by liberals.

The national Ponzi-Bait-and-Switch Game was on and once in place, America was being asked to literally pay out of pocket for a new financial enterprise called Tax Cuts. The infamous “Trickle Down Effect” was on a roll. As with all Ponzi schemes, someone gets duped, used, abused and left behind.

Families living the 1% “fail-safe-life” were AGAIN rewarded with unlimited choices of worth – unlimited health care, unlimited mental/physical therapy and rehabilitation, unlimited access to nutrition, unlimited safe housing, unlimited family domestic support, unlimited education at independent-private schools of choice, unlimited educational tutoring, unlimited college counseling, unlimited college tuition without debt, unlimited technology, unlimited institutional nepotism, unlimited transportation, unlimited legal representation, unlimited tax exceptions, unlimited discretionary spending, unlimited inheritance for the children, unlimited front row seats for the “Rich and Famous” in private suites.

For the 1%, and often the 5% and 10%, the quality of choices is never a matter of availability, limits, restrictions or worth – but rather unequivocal – unrestricted access if and when needed. No waiting in line or taking a number.

America in 2019-2020 was AGAIN called to identify itself – to reflect upon, authenticate and actualize the founding principles of Democracy, Justice, Equity, Rule of Law, Decency, Civility and Pursuit of a Quality of Life Worth Living – not for some – but for all.

These principles constitute an ever present vision, mission and core values requiring continued affirmation and amplification because these principles are ever morphing – ever expanding the peripheries of inclusion and dealing with the complexities of the human condition shared by all generations.

So who is on each side of the rope of our historical monster tug-of-war? We used to skirt around the answers – try to deny or avoid the raw truths at home, school and neighborhood.

But in 2016 we saw each other clearly face to face – eye to eye. No more talking around nuances. The past caught up with the present. Sorry, Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best were only available as reruns – with the same language, script and endings.

So in 2015 we witness sides articulating absolute intentions blatantly clear. America has now been provided with Toric lenses with its socio-cultural-political astigmatism and cataracts no longer an  excuse. The hands of each citizen are now on the rope of Citizenship and can pull accordingly.

The tugging has always been a matter of choice not fearing or denying the historical shadows of oppression, prejudice, discrimination, social phobias and the lingering malignancy of racism.

At the same time, it has always been a matter of choice to walk towards the light with advocacy, resiliency, hope and renewed conviction to affirm inalienable rights of all citizens . . . of all human beings . . . each with a lit candle in hand.

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