The Ugly American in New Duds ~ But Same Stench and Out of Step

“Light and shadow are opposite sides of the same coin.
We can illuminate our path or darken our way.
It is a matter of choice.” –Maya Angelou

The 21st Century Ugly American no longer wears polyester duds of the 1960s, but struts through Washington’s Capital Statuary Hall in Stuart Hughes suits, Testoni shoes, $200 voguish haircuts with manicure and massage included. These imposters could care less about the founding sentiments of “. . . government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

The 21st Century Ugly American political double-dealers prey on specific zip codes that feel isolated, having lost their regional identity and the capital of their pigmentation. It’s an old design and strategy that emerges when a specific American segment of society feels like they are losing power, control and becoming invisible. Ironically, the legacy of their isolation is self imposed and self-oppressed.

But let’s give local and federal political hypocrites credit for identifying and recognizing the readiness of that segment of Americans focused on living in the past and stuck on being stuck.

The new breed of Ugly Political Americans have attached themselves to Republican Trumpism, rediscovering and retooling what has always worked for such political hacks. Brace yourself as the list is long: Big/Little Lies, Bitterness, Confirmation Bias, Corruption, Cynicism, Deceit, Exclusivity, Extremism, Fear Mongering, Grievance Politics, Obstruction, Racism, Veiled Sexism, White Supremacy,

Phew! That’s one hell of a platform and agenda to run on! But where are the policies?

Republican Trumpism Platform: Big/Little Lies, Bitterness, Confirmation Bias, Corruption, Cynicism, Deceit, Exclusivity, Extremism, Fear Mongering, Grievance Politics, Obstruction, Racism, Veiled Sexism, White Supremacy,

These freeloaders avoid serious, arduous work of developing authentic policies that enhance the quality of life for all, but rather just sit back and echo grievances over and over and over. Just blame others for “whatever ailes ya.”

No need to provide answers to highly complex social problems or even suggest collaboration and concessions, but just drone complaints and do it loudly and often.

These political swindlers promise that they have the magic to turn the clock back and return the country to “real Americans” – via a Savior in Chief. There seems to be always one Great White Hope around. The faces over the years change but the political zombies and their stench remain the same.

These professional connivers convince folks that they shop at Farmer Supply Stores and Walmarts. The branding of identity is crucial. Sorry to bust the identity bubble but these political charlatans prefer sushi, caviar and Kobe beef. The closest they will ever come to driving a Ford Jubilee tractor is a golf cart.

These “good old boys and gals” don’t muck cow stalls or plow fields but are experts at making Republican Trumpsim dung available for consumption preaching that their privileged entitled feces don’t stink. Sorry, Minny Jackson already warned us about those southern pies.

Minny (Octavia Spencer) in The Help 2011, provides Hilly (her former employer) one of Minny’s infamous chocolate pie.

The political hacks of Republican Trumpism genuinely believe that their privileged feces don’t stink. But I beg to ask . . . Just how much Booty Fresh do you need to cover the stench of a political party? Maybe they have convinced the “Base” that it’s no longer necessary to hide the stink, but rather be proud of it.

Glen McCoy Artist

Living with delusions of the past is yet another trait of Republican Trumpism. Promising the “Base” to return to the “Good Old Days” when everything was normal, right and truly American. Everything was uncomplicated and simple – such as blatant racism and sexism. Sorry, but Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best are now only available on reruns and most Gen Zers never heard of Ricky or David, nor are they used to fake laugh tracks.

The Make America Oppressed, Chaotic and Divided Again campaign did not start in 2015 . The readiness was always there – still is. A ready made megaphone was provided by Alt-Right conservative cable TV and radio. Real life credible, factual News was turned to rumors, innuendoes, gossip and grapevine media slander. The aim of the fakeness was not only to keep the “base” baseless, but to make money through advertising revenues – regardless of the social-cultural-political cost.

The national Ponzi-Bait-and-Switch Game was on main street from 2016-2020. It was time to cash in and Americans were asked to literally pay out of pocket for a new financial enterprise called Tax Cuts. The infamous “Trickle Down Effect” was on a roll. As with all Ponzi schemes, someone got duped, used, abused and left behind. The tenets were in full display for four years:

  • Obstruct, obstruct and obstruct then blame Washington for being broken – deflect the blame.
  • Reinforce gerrymandered districts at local-state level.
  • Suppress and limit voting access.
  • Redefine “patriotism” – Foster White Nationalism, Nativism, Replacement Theory and America First.
  • Spew religious self righteousness rhetoric. Label those who disagree as unAmerican, non-patriotic and non Christian.
  • Embrace, affirm and repeat “confirmation bias” with daily contrived talking points.
  • Revitalize 1930s scare tactics, blaming socio-cultural-political-financial dysfunction on others and difference.”
  • Define and label immigrants as criminals, gangs and infested caravaners, targeting white suburban women and their families.
  • Suppress investigative reporting and news media, calling it “fake news.”
  • Make outlandish promises – say whatever the infamous base” wants to hear.
  • Counter reason, logic, common sense and critical thinking with “big-little lies” drone them often and loud.
  • Deplete – divert coffers from public education, health care, non-profits and unions.
  • Market a “Great White Hope” regardless of his/her immoral and unethical flaws.
  • Hide dark PAC money (Political Action Committees) – (Citizens United). Accept money from industries, businesses (small and large), lobby politicians representing guns, coal, oil, gas, fracking, Wall Street).
  • Focus and promise to overturn environmental restrictions and consumer protections.
  • Promote antigovernment slogans “Don’t Tread on Me!” – “You are not the boss of me!”
  • Create fear in candidates and elected officials that the “base” will punish those who dare to voice opposition.
  • Require blind loyalty to obstruct all legislation – disregard rule of law – delay investigations.
  • Use “social-cultural issues” to divide i.e. Parent’s Rights, Suburban Fear Mongering, Women’s Equity and Choice, Displacement Theories, Oppose Critical Pedagogy and Thinking, anti Immigration Reform, 2nd Amendment Rights, Historical Revisionism of (colonialism, slavery, genocide, forced relocations, forced separation of children from parents, ethnic/religious cleansing), deny the reality of multigenerational trauma and obstruct laws governing International Crimes Against Humanity.

But here is what political con men and women don’t get. They always get caught. It’s only a matter of time. They never focus on the long game of pursuing the TRUTH, credibility and trust.

A conceptual and contextual look at honesty, candor, integrity and ties to credibility and trust.

The fooling only works some of the time and with only some of the people. The problem is that some of the self-described “base” is declining exponentially – 38% . . . 32% . . . 28% – slowly decomposing – literally, figuratively and demographically.

The “base” tends to revel in instances of power and control forgetting the growing 62% . . . 68% . . . 72% of the “non-base” that is “pro-intelligence” and astutely watching, listening and noticing the most recent emperor and his jesters dancing, more like desperate uncoordinated flailing – and not in sync with 21st Century rhythms.

Suggestion to the “base”: Watch some YouTubes of “Soul Train” . . . that line dance is waiting for you . . . and as Cornelius would say, “in parting, we wish you love, peace and SOOOOUUUULLLL!”

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