About Diversity Threads

Genesis and Journey by Jorge D. H. Prosperi

The creation of Diversity-Threads.com has been an exciting, energizing and dauntless journey. Its genesis came by way of being born outside the borders of the United States. Migrating in Argentina, immigrating to America and migrating again within new borders led to living a bilingual, bicultural and bi-social reality. The forces of acclimation and assimilation became interruptions, distractions, confrontations and challenges to identity. As with every immigrant, the journey is singularly unique.

Launching a website/blog on the expansive universe of Diversity and its exponential peripheries in the 21st Century required serious consideration and courage as to its relevance while dedicating voice to empower those who face immigration’s deafening oppression, live in the shadows and remain voiceless.

Diversity-Threads.com is dedicated to defining and exposing the legacy of oppression, victimization and its lingering existence and trauma in the 21st Century. Via this website/blog, I join other past and current voices, who on a daily basis continue “The Work.

A core value of Diversity-Threads.com is to use critical filters to sift through content and context in an effort to avoid cyber bullying, pandering, condescending, romanticizing, intellectually abstracting and/or appropriating backgrounds, ethnicities, identities and personal counterstories of others. 

I was born and raised in Argentina, grew up as an adult in America and therefore cannot speak to any other identity and reality. The LatinX community is historically, socially, culturally and racially highly diverse and complex. That we at some point adopted Spanish, with unique tones and lexicon, is part and parcel of our Natividad and Latinidad that continues to be unearthed and morphing.

The cultural ruptures of colonization, nation building and commercial exploitation of native people and lands that followed are but some of the traumatic multigenerational legacies that bind us – and yet – each of our journey should be respected and approached singularly.

Not every word or phrase in Diversity-Threads.com will be referenced or sub-referenced. An extended bibliography of knowledge bases and glossary are provided in order to substantiate relevance and credibility.

Colleagues have remarked that at times Diversity-Threads.com has an edge. My response is that the edge is intentional. For too long serious and honest discourse on Diversity and its complex dimensions have been avoided – glossed over as PC, remaining unconnected to emotional intelligence, moral courage and founding principles of social justice. For too long citizenship has remained unconnected to conscious conscientiousness and the complexities of the human condition.

For too long extreme conservative right wing media, politicians and pundits have used contrived theories, unsubstantiated opinions, revisionary history, bigoted accusations, racism and falsehoods rather than facts and truth about immigration, multiculturalism and social justice.  The purpose of extreme conservatism is not to solve complex challenges that we face as human beings in the 21st century, but to establish autocratic power and control. At the core of the power and control has been America’s inherited shame of White Supremacy, White Entitlement, White Privilege and the Capital of Whiteness.

The substance and relevance of each essay, poem and poetic in Diversity-Threads.com will continue to be honed to a razors edge to cut through the constructed layers of misinformation, BIG and little lies and oppression.  The goal being for each reader to introspectively discern historical content, context and realize their power of influence in order to make a significant difference in the quality of life of all humans.