Aboriginal Ritual Chant

Aboriginal artwork multiple colors and symbolism

Forever Oneness… who sings to us in silence… who teaches us through each other

Remind me of the gift of heritage

of selfless sacrifices by ancestors.

Let me teach as I was taught that

we drink from wells we did not dig

and warmed by fires we did not kindle.

May I see the lessons as I walk,

to honor the meaning and purpose of all things.

Help me see and touch with respect.

May I walk, talk, and act with humility,

empowering others to discover,

to walk beyond my shadow.

Help me to always speak from behind my eyes.

Let me observe and learn… not judge.

May I take joy in the joys of others.

May I cause no harm and leave music, peace and

beauty after my brief visit.

May I leave one day without fear with dignity.

When I return to forever,

may the circle be closed and the spiral be broader.

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