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Diversity-Threads.com focuses on the critical examination of past and present dimensions of Diversity.

A major goal is to provide knowledge bases  leading to diversity literacy as it applies to the
authentication and amplification of the founding American  principles of democracy, inclusivity, justice,
inalienable rights, rule of law, equity, quality of life, opportunities of worth and citizenship.
The Website and Podcasts provide critical lenses in order to explore the intersectionalities and interconnected relationships of the
complex layers of diversity that can lead to civil discourse on diversity without reluctance or fear.

“There is no time for despair,
no place for self-pity,
no need for silence, no room for fear.
We speak, we write, we do language.
That is how civilizations heal.” – Toni Morrison

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Critical Thinking / Pedagogy / Metacognition

Critical White Studies Part IV ~ Aversive Racism by the Well-Intentioned

“Hey, slavery happened long, long ago!” “We were not there!” “We do not own slaves!”
“We no longer lynch anyone!”
“I harbor no ill will towards anyone.” “We are now a color blind society.” “We are a melting pot.”
“I do not believe or support White Supremacy, Domestic Terrorism and Hate Groups!”
“I understand that all lives matter.” “What more do you want from White America?”
One of the most difficult concepts to explain is “aversive racism by the well intentioned.”

Five Part Series on White Critical Studies
Critical White Studies I: White Priviledge
Critical White Studies II: White Knapsack
Critical White Studies III: White Capital
Critical White Studies IV: Aversive Racism by the Well Intentioned
Critical White Studies V: White Loss

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